Full disclosure and finance

Financial transparency

Financial transparency is a key principle for Krousar Thmey. Everybody has the right to know how funds raised (1 475 537 USD in 2014) are used.

Thanks to strict financial management and the involvement of European volunteers, all administrative costs remain under 4% of the total budget.

Cambodian accounts are all certified by auditors PwC (the annual report in English is available here). Our French and Swiss organisations’ accounts are also audited annually.

Audited financial statements are available here: audited financial statement 2015audited financial statement 2014audited financial statement 2013

Origins of the funds

Krousar Thmey France, Krousar Thmey Switzerland, Ny Familj Kambodja, Krousar Thmey Singapore and Krousar Thmey United Kingdom belong to the international network of the Krousar Thmey Foundation. Their main activity is the fundraising.

Donations from within Cambodia come mainly from non-governmental organisations or private international foundations. Funds or donations in kind from Cambodian public authorities represented 3% of total resources in 2012 and are all allocated to the Specialised Education programme. Parental contributions to school costs for blind or deaf children was less than 1% in 2012.

Since 2013, Krousar Thmey has been working to increase the share of funds from Cambodia, by raising parental contributions, making local fundraising more efficient etc.

The uses of resources

The total 2014 expenditures were compliant with the annual budget approved by the Board of Directors on November 29, 2013, and posted a slight increase (1%) compared to 2013, excluding depreciation, Family Festival (internal event fully funded through local resources) and accounting adjustements.

Krousar Thmey received also the label Ideas in 2010.

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