Krousar Thmey has been actively committed since 1991 to the integration of all children within Cambodian society, so that they may thrive with respect for their traditions and beliefs. With its sustainable approach, the NGO ensures that the aid received does not lead to privilege, dependence or disparity between the children and those around them.

The Foundation is focused on projects developed by Cambodians for Cambodians. It has over 250 employees, all Cambodians, and just four European volunteers who assist them with communication, project management and assessment and management control.

We have fundraising offices in France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Singapore entirely run by volunteers, and another charity in Sweden supporting us.

Strict management procedures ensure that administrative costs represent only 4% of the Foundation’s annual budget and our accounts are audited by PWC.

Key figures in 2015:

  • 2600 children supported
  • 250 khmer employees
  • Active in 5 cities and 14 provinces across Cambodia
  • Budget: $1.7

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