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Programmes in Cambodia

2 600 children are supported by Krousar Thmey via 3 programmes:

  • Education for deaf or blind children
  • Child welfare to support marginalised children such as abandoned children, orphans, street children or trafficking victims
  • Cultural and artistic development for all

Support is always provided in consultation with the child, the family,Krousar Thmey’s teachers and specialists in its schools, centres, family homes or externally, and with social services and health authorities.

Whenever possible, priority is given to the children one day returning to their families. When that is not possible, children are settled in small-scale Krousar Thmey structures.

Healthcare is provided for each child as well as academic counselling and career guidance to facilitate young deaf or blind people’s access to further education, vocational training and employment.

You will find details of all Krousar Thmey initiatives in our annual report.

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