Cultural and artistic development for all

Every child at Krousar Thmey has access to an artistic activity. As well as passing on culture and knowledge from one generation to the next, art is also excellent therapy, a means of expression and a chance to develop creativity and self-confidence.

An introduction to the arts is offered in every Krousar Thmey establishment. Our schools and centres all have traditional dance and music classes.
The Serey Sophon School of Khmer Arts and Culture allows young people from 2 state schools in the region to learn Khmer dance, music, sculpture and shadow play. These activities are integrated into the schools’ syllabus.

In Siem Reap, there is a permanent exhibition presenting the Foundation’s activities, an exhibition about the vast Tonlé Sap lake, a symbol of Cambodia’s rich natural and cultural heritage, and Seeing in the Dark, where blind guides lead sighted visitors through total darkness so that they can experience the daily challenges faced by blind people.

AdminCultural and artistic development for all