krousar thmey
Krousar Thmey (Nouvelle Famille – New Family – Ny Familj)

First cambodian foundation for underprivileged children
Première fondation cambodgienne d’aide à l’enfance défavorisée

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Krousar Thmey Minister of Education Speech - Ceremony of the new school year with the blind and deaf children
Krousar Thmey Another way to travel in Cambodia
Krousar Thmey

"Deaf children of Cambodia" in the field

Krousar Thmey is a humanitarian aid organisation in Cambodia which is recognised around the 
world for its influence, its ability to innovate and the long-term effects of its activities.
It carries out local projects, pro-active in helping children and gradually transferred to 
Cambodian authorities.

Founded by Benoît Duchâteau-Arminjon in Thailand’s refugee camps over 20 years ago,
Krousar Thmey is built on providing a solution to suit each child in keeping with their traditions
and beliefs. 
It has won numerous awards including the humanitarian "World of Children Award" in 2012 
and was ranked as 88thbest NGO in the world by the Global Journal in 2013.
Annual report Cambodia 2013 in english
Annual Report Cambodia 2013 in French
Annual report France 2013
Audit report Cambodia 2013
Annual Report 2012 Cambodia
Audit report Cambodia 2012

Chheurn Sreyneang is 20 and was born in Phnom Penh. Sreyneang is visually impaired following poorly treated measles at the age of 3. She came to the Chbar Ampov school for blind children in 1998.


Watch Krousar Thmey videos on Youtube. Experience 20 years of action in the field for yourself from the 1991 repatriation of refugee camps to the 2011 Siem Reap school.  

On the road of Angkor temples

The Siem Reap exhibition hall is open to visitors everyday from 9am to 11.30am and 2pm to 6pm. Visit an exhibition about Tonlé Sap Lake and the history of Krousar Thmey.

You can visit our new Seeing in the Dark exhibition (3pm – 6pm) and experience what it’s like to be in complete darkness. 


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