To improve and preserve the health of children and adolescents supported by Krousar Thmey and supervisory teams to enable them to fully develop in their lives as children, adolescents and adults.


The children supported by Krousar Thmey benefit from regular medical checkups (general and dental care). In addition, many activities run by the staff aim to raise awareness of essential daily care and hygiene practices.

Annual ophthalmologic consultation is provided for blind or visually impaired children who receive glasses or optical material (magnifying glasses, desks, lamps, etc) adapted to their vision. Responsibility for deaf and hearing-impaired children is taken by our partner Enfants sourds du Cambodge (ESC – Deaf Children of Cambodia) who provides and adapts auditory equipment as their needs require.



treatments against hepatitis b

medical checkup for every child each year

devices adapted, as follow-up or for a new installation

Sophorn, health referent in the child welfare program

Sophorn started to work with Krousar Thmey at the age of 17 at Chamkar Mon street children center as a care giver.
3 years later, she was promoted social worker and health advisor in Takmao protection center, which has become like a home for her.

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Indeed, she is sharing the everyday life of the children she is taking care of. An essential proximity for Sophorn, who mentors more than 20 beneficiaries. “I give them daily advice and basic hygiene education, such as wash their hands, have a bath before school or do their bed and laundry… When a child falls ill, I provide the necessary care or accompany him or her to the nearest health center if needed. I really appreciate to work at Krousar Thmey because I can benefit from training along the year, to improve my capacity and respond more efficiently to any kind of situation.” 


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