Online donation is an easy, simple and secure solution to support Krousar Thmey’s actions in favor of Cambodian children. If you wish to make a donation, you benefit from tax deductions in France and Switzerland

You can make a one-time or regular donation on our dedicated website, you will be redirected to our HelloAsso page:


You can also send a check payable to Krousar Thmey France at the following address:

Krousar Thmey France
62 rue Greneta
75002 Paris

The Krousar Thmey entities in France and Switzerland are recognized as being of public interest, so you can get tax deductions based on your donation.


In France, your donation to Krousar Thmey is eligible for tax deduction.

  • Under an association of 1901 general interest
    Deduction of 66% of IR and up to 20% of taxable income. If the limit is exceeded, the excess entitles you to a tax reduction for the next five years


  • Under the loi Coluche
    Deduction of 75% of income tax capped at 530 €. Beyond that, donations are deductible up to 66% of income tax and up to 20% of taxable income. If the limit is exceeded, the surplus entitles the holder to a tax reduction for the next five years.
    A tax receipt will be sent to you in March of the year following your donation.

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As a recognized association of public utility, Krousar Thmey is entitled to receive bequests and donations.

 What is a bequest?  What is a donation?
How to make a legacy to Krousar Thmey? How to make a donation to Krousar Thmey?

A bequest is a testamentary disposition whereby a person transfers all or part of his or her property to the designated person. You can bequeath your property to a  association recognized of public interestsuch as Krousar Thmey; Whatever the amount, the gift is exempt from all inheritance taxes.
There are several types of legacies:

  • The universal legacy: the legacy of all property
  • The legacy of a part of its patrimony to one or more persons
  • The particular legacy: bequest of one or more property identified to one or more persons

You have to write a will. The most common forms are:

  • The holograph will: document written, dated and signed by the hand of the testator, it is easy and inexpensive. However, it can sometimes be challenged (see cancellation) when it is not drafted with the help of a specialized lawyer.
  • The authentic testament: drawn up by a notary in the presence of two witnesses or a second notary, the authentic will must be signed by the testator. The notary writes it himself under the dictation of his client.

For more information or to make a donation, contact Krousar Thmey France

A donation is a contract by which you, as a donor, transfer ownership of a property to a beneficiary.
You can give to a recognized public interest association, whatever the amount, this donation is exempt from all rights of succession.
The share you can transmit is called the amount available and corresponds to half of your assets if you have only one child, one third of your assets if you have two children, a quarter if you have more than three children.
It can be all or part of the estate if you have no other heirs.

Contrary to the will, which takes effect only at the death of the testator, this transmission takes place during the lifetime of its author. In principle, recourse to the notary is compulsory at the time of a donation. Nevertheless, the donor can always hand over a hand (goods or money): this is a manual donation that does not require the intervention of a notary. However, in some cases this form of donation remains subject to declaration and donation fees.
Three conditions of any contract must be met for a donation to be valid:

  • The donor must have the capacity to give;
  • The donee must have the capacity to receive;
  • Donor and recipient must agree to the donation.

For more information or to make a donation, contact Krousar Thmey France

To make a donation to our entity in Switzerland, you can make a money transfer to our bank account:

Banque Clerc IBAN CH87
0844 0459 1242 9009 0

You can make a online donation via our PayPal account


Make a donation via PayPal

(secure payment Visa card or Mastercard accepted)



Donations are tax deductible in Switzerland.
A donation receipt will be sent in February of the year following your transfer

To make a donation to our entity in Cambodia, you can make a money transfer to our bank account:

ACLEDA Bank Plc.
Address: #61, Preah Monivong Blvd, Sangkat Srah Chork,
Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Beneficiary customer: KROUSAR THMEY (CAMBODIA)
Account number: 00012044135313


or contact us:

Krousar Thmey Cambodia
#145 street 132 – PO Box 1393 – Phnom Penh
Email : [email protected]
Phone: +855 (0) 23 880 502

Mutualisation of donations: Krousar Thmey has the principle of not affecting the donations and to pool the funds received on all of itsmissions. This clear principle allows for intervention only on the basis of actual needs on the ground and not on the basis of financial considerations. Therefore, if the donations received exceed the commitments made, they will be reallocated according to the other programs.

On behalf of the children, we warmly thank you for your support!