At Krousar Thmey, our priority is for all work to be done by Cambodians. However, the organization welcomes foreign volunteers with a specific project involving knowledge and know-how lacking in Cambodia, that they would be willing to transfer to our Cambodian team.

To submit a volunteering project, please contact us to communication@krousar-thmey.org



Krousar Thmey does not hire any employee in Europe or Singapore. Fundraising, which is the main activity of our international entities, is handled by volunteers.

If you want to help us in one of our entities, there are several possibilities:

  • Participate in this voluntary action, within the limit of your available time : internal and external communication, funding for the structure, mobilization of your community, administration of the association.
  • You can also help us to raise funds for the association, for example by mobilizing people in your company, or by organizing presentation meetings in your city, in your neighborhood, or in your surroundings. Communication materials (films, photos, posters) can be provided for these presentations, and officials from the association are ready to visit people who wish to get involved.

To know more, please contact us using the form below.