Krousar Thmey is fully aware of the value of human resources and pays great attention to the skills of its teams. The training of the men and women who contribute to the daily life of the NGO in the field has therefore been a constant focus of efforts for many years

Last May, for the first time, the caregivers and cooks in the protection centres, as well as the mothers in the family homes, were trained together by our regular trainer, Patrick Labelle. At the heart of this initiative is the desire to build the capacity of all those involved at Krousar Thmey, including those without qualifications or any particular technical expertise.


These training sessions were organised in Siem Reap and led by Krousar Thmey’s Director, Darong CHOUR, and one of its regular speakers, Patrick LABELLE.

Indeed, caring for children in vulnerable situations does not stop with social workers. While social workers are involved both upstream and downstream of an admission, it is the carers, cooks and mothers who are responsible for the day-to-day upbringing of the youngsters within the facilities. So, in addition to the practical care they already provide, it was important to develop their psychosocial skills.

In concrete terms, these training sessions aim to improve the quality of care for children by providing keys to pedagogy and sharing the right reflexes to have when supervising children, to stimulate them, encourage them to think and exercise their critical thinking skills. At the end of these sessions, the staff were invited to define an action plan, including new methods of organisation and education with the children. The first assessment will be made in a year’s time.

About Krousar Thmey

Krousar Thmey is the first Cambodian organisation to help disadvantaged children, founded in 1991 in the Site II refugee camp in Thailand.

Krousar Thmey offers a portfolio of cross-cutting programs and projects supporting 2,574 children in their development in 2022: Child Welfare, specialized and inclusive Education for Deaf or Blind Children, Cultural and Artistic Development, Academic and Career Counseling, as well as Health and Hygiene. In 2022, more than 3,700 people have benefited from the Foundation’s activities.

In the spirit of sustainable action, Krousar Thmey ensures that its support does not lead to any privilege, dependence or disparity in the community.

Krousar Thmey’s main principle is the development of projects led by Cambodians for Cambodians. Only two European volunteers provide the organization with support in communication, donor relations, and grant contract management.

Apolitical and secular, the action of Krousar Thmey has been acknowledged internationally for its impact, capacity for innovation and sustainability.