Today, Academic Career and Counselling team of Krousar Thmey organized a half day training workshop on theme of “Good Team Spirit” to 28 deaf students from grade 7 to grade 9 which is conducted by the Ministry of Hearing Impaired from Singapore comprising of deaf and hearing trainers. At the beginning we play two games about teamwork. The first game was about the string and the ball, it is aiming at letting them work together as a team and not rushing but trying to understand each other. The next game is similar to previous one. We explained to them what was being asked in order to make them understand the goal working as a team so that they can do it together. However, before they understood the concept, some teams were rushing, and some teams did not discuss and plan – they just got excited and started doing the tasks straightway as they could do. The third part is very essential for the deaf people to understand the working ethic in the future what the deaf community show respect the same for the deaf and the same for the hearing. Therefore, we do this activity to help deaf people to understand how to be strong and how to do really well at workplace regardless of they are deaf or hearing. It is intended to help them improve and build a strong partnership or relationship as a mixed team hard of hearing, deaf or hearing people particularly the working culture between the hearing and the deaf. Thanks the Ministry of hearing impaired team from Singapore for providing this useful training to our students.