Here, the exhibition “Krousar Thmey, 30 years of history in Cambodia”, on display in the gardens of the French Institute in Cambodia.

For over 30 years, Krousar Thmey has witnessed and contributed to the development of Cambodia, a country devastated by war from 1970 to 1991. We are currently telling this very special story through the touring exhibition “Krousar Thmey, 30 years of history in Cambodia”, inaugurated on 15th June at the Institut Français du Cambodge in the presence of H.E. Dr Hang Chuon Naron, Cambodia’s Minister of Education, Youth and Sport, H.E. Mr Jacques Pellet, French Ambassador to Cambodia and our founder, Mr Benoit Duchâteau-Arminjon, known as Benito.


Over 250 archive photos and texts in 3 languages (French, Khmer, English) retrace the history of the NGO, from its creation in the Site II refugee camp in Thailand in 1991, to the development of a special education system for deaf and blind children from scratch, via the promotion of traditional Khmer arts, which were almost decimated by the Khmer Rouge.


The exhibition is also a great opportunity to raise public awareness of visual and hearing disabilities. Workshops introducing children to Braille and Khmer sign language are being organised with the help of the National Institute for Special Education (NISE). A number of objects, both past and recent, dedicated to education for the deaf and blind are also on display to illustrate practices and how they have evolved.

Among other things, visitors can discover the first Braille typewriters introduced in Cambodia, known as Perkins machines, magnifying glasses and old relief maps.

The exhibition is currently touring the capital to reach a wide audience. After the French Institute and the NGO Taramana, several schools will be hosting the exhibition from September, including the Ecole Française Internationale and the Lycée Français René Descartes.

About Krousar Thmey

Krousar Thmey is the first Cambodian organisation to help disadvantaged children, founded in 1991 in the Site II refugee camp in Thailand.

Krousar Thmey offers a portfolio of cross-cutting programs and projects supporting 2,574 children in their development in 2022: Child Welfare, specialized and inclusive Education for Deaf or Blind Children, Cultural and Artistic Development, Academic and Career Counseling, as well as Health and Hygiene. In 2022, more than 3,700 people have benefited from the Foundation’s activities.

In the spirit of sustainable action, Krousar Thmey ensures that its support does not lead to any privilege, dependence or disparity in the community.

Krousar Thmey’s main principle is the development of projects led by Cambodians for Cambodians. Only two European volunteers provide the organization with support in communication, donor relations, and grant contract management.

Apolitical and secular, the action of Krousar Thmey has been acknowledged internationally for its impact, capacity for innovation and sustainability.