Offer a stable and reassuring accommodation solution to the child before considering reintegration into the family.


Temporary centers welcome children for a period not exceeding 6 months. The child is provided with a stable environment and informal education, while waiting to be reintegrated into the family or to another structure adapted to his or her needs.

Temporary center admittance:

  • First stage: the child is identified through day or night outreach sessions led by social workers in the streets of the city, or through local authorities.
  • Second stage: the child is admitted into one of the centers with the approval of the authorities and legal guardians.
  • Third stage: from the arrival of the child, for a period ranging from 3 to 6 months: assessment of the family situation with a view to reintegrating the child into their family.
  • Fourth stage: family reintegration with material and financial support, or transfer into one of our long-term structures: protection center or family house.
  • Literacy and numeracy
  • Leisure and social activities
  • Psychological support
  • Family assessment
  • Family reintegration with continued support

Bunyiang, Director of Poipet temporary center

Bunyiang has been working for Krousar Thmey for 15 years. Once a primary school teacher, he decided to change careers to help disadvantaged families in Poipet. He started as a social worker, became Assistant Director and then Director in 2021.

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“My main task as a social worker was to meet street children and assess their family situation. During meetings with parents, I would either encourage them to send their children to school with our support or have them integrate Krousar Thmey’s protection center. As Assistant Director I supported the Director in awareness-raising activities and collaboration with the local and government authorities. As the center Director today, I am very happy to work with a team of social workers to better support the children. A boy who used to live in the center once told me how grateful he was to Krousar Thmey for having been able to go to school and become a mechanic, rather than live on the streets all his life. Enabling children to access education is one of the best things we do at Krousar Thmey.”


$120 – financial support per child supported as an outside case per year
$50 – food and clothing expenses per child per month

Area of work: Child protection

Duration: undetermined

Location: provinces of Phnom Penh and Banteay Meanchey 

Beneficiaries: underprivileged children, street children and their families


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